Strategic Purchasing

Owners may benefit from various purchasing strategies for energy including electric, oil and natural gas.


About $4.50/kW for applicable installations.


Some of the buildings may be good candidates for Cogen systems. NYSERDA pays between $750 and $900/kW for these systems.

Gas Efficiency Program

This program offers incentives to offset the cost of natural gas efficiency measures.

Other Programs

Below is a list of other ancillary Programs that LC Associates are experts in executing or providing guidance on how to implement in-house. 

     Incentive Programs Integration - Multiple Sources

        LC ASSOCIATES has the reputation of accessing multiple sources of funding for projects. As a  strategic asset to your team,
          we can be counted on to lower costs and simultaneously raise funds for your operations.

Alternative Energy

Some federal and NYSERDA incentives exist.

Staff Training

In some cases, NYSERDA pays approximately 75% for operator training. Building staff can be trained in boiler operation and controls, building efficiency and other topics. Classes are typically $2,500 before the incentive.

Demand Management - Non-electric Chiller Projects Incentive 

LC Associates will use its expertise with securing the maximum cash incentive amount, conduct an engineering analysis and take care of the application process for all your  steam or gas driven chiller projects.

Fuel Switching

We have been successful in getting ConEdison to offer cash incentives for oil to natural gas conversions.