$202,899 in cash incentives from NYSERDA
$253,624 in annual energy savings
1,268.124 Kwh annual energy savings
2,06 years payback

12 Commercial office buildings in Tribeca area. LC Associates servicesreplaced antiquated stairwell lighting with energy efficient LED linear lamps.

Cultural Arts Centre

Chilled Water Plant and Building Automation System Upgrades

Fordham University

Electric/Steam chilled water plant. 

New Equipment: SCADA interface to meters and Building Management System.

New York Design Center

12 Floors of studio LED retrofits, utilizing PAR 38's, PAR 30's, MR 16's.


$249,277.88 in cash incentives

$283,498 in annual cost savings

1,417.487 kWh annual energy savings

1.27 years payback

Remove 240 tons of CO2 annually, Removing 43 passenger vehicles off the road annually, Planting 5,000 trees in Manhattan.

Existing equipment: Chilled water plant.

New equipment: VSD's on condenser pumps, Electric chillers, Controls


$116,000 in cash incentives from NYSERDA

$140,000 in annual cost savings
2 years payback

Ford Foundation

Mount Sinai Medical Center

Existing equipment: Water cooled AC system.

New equipment: new AC units, VAV System and VFD's.


$272,349 in cash incentives

$375,377 in annual cost savings
2,502.513 kWh annual energy savings

283 kW average demand reduction

LED lighting upgrade in classrooms. LC Associates provided turnkey construction management services.


$350,000 in cash incentives

$350,000 in annual cost savings
1.75M kWh annual energy savings

- Carbon footprint reduction of 790 tons/year of CO2

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

3 elevators

Existing equipment: Solid state drivers, DC motors andMG sets.

New Equipment: AC motors and VFD drivers with elevator controls.


$44,000 in cash incentives

$4,000 in demand response bonus

$78,000 in annual savings

Omni Hotels

     Success Stories

        Over the past 10 years, LC Associates has been very successful in helping New York City go green. Some of the city's   
          largest and most iconic institutions have been able to save thousands on utility bills. Discover how to achieve this level of
          industrial or commercial energy efficiency by reading through the case studies and business success stories below. 

$120,000 in cash incentives 
$15,000 in demand response bonus
$150,000 in annual energy savings
$75,000 in deferred maintenance savings
Carbon footprint reduction of 3,400 tons/year of CO2

Trinity Real Estate