LC Associates provides on- and near-shore engineering support services including construction management for lighting and mechanical upgrades, autocad and 3D modeling services, and engineering peer review.

Our resources include US educated and trained MEP engineers residing in the Carribbean  that can provide engineering support services as a fraction of the cost.


LC Associates leverages our relationships with energy suppliers through our large Customer portfolio to offset the cost of electricity, oil and natural gas for our clients through strategic bulk purchasing. Our procurement specialists are experts at reporting, energy planning & forecasting, and negotiating with suppliers to avoid  penalties.


LC Associates, a NYISO Demand Response Provider, administers your Building's participation in the DR Program and secures bonus cash incentives from NYSERDA.Demand Response Programs pay consumers to be on standby and curtail their electric consumption during pre -planned events to protect the electric grid from collapse.


LC Associates is a Nyserda cash incentives expeditor. NY State provides cash incentives to businesses that install energy efficient upgrades. Upgrades range from energy efficient Lighting, HVAC, Elevators, Air Compressors and other similar projects. Small businesses can benefit from prescriptive incentives that allow cash payments for qualified projects.





Operating in all five boroughs of New York City, LC Associates assists clients with the process of securing cash incentives for energy-efficiency projects. These include lighting and elevator retrofits, as well as boiler and heating/cooling system upgrades, which not only save energy, but allow our clients to significantly cut down on utility costs.

We take a highly streamlined approach in expediting financial and engineering solutions, making otherwise complicated government application processes simple for our customers. Our clients do not deal with red tape!

By leveraging LCA’s ability to integrate strategic procurement, Demand Response, Utility Auditing, and NYSERDA grant expediting under one umbrella, our clients can have peace of mind that one service does not adversely affect the other


     Let Us Help You to Make the Right Energy Decisions

        LC ASSOCIATES offers business solutions that result in energy savings and overall positive impact on our environment that        
          fosters job growth, energy cost savings, project implementation and other socioeconomic benefits which has collectively
          saved our Clients $40M annually in reduced energy costs!